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Are all niche accessories so expensive now? !

Are all niche accessories so expensive now? !”Our Marriage” starring Bai Baihe is on the air. Usually, Bai Baihe, who is aesthetically online, is matched with grass. In the play, he also matches himself. All shapes are comfortable, casual, fashionable and textured. Although the plot is getting more and more speechless, the helpless shapes It’s too eye-catching, it’s hard not to follow Bai Baihe to learn collocation! Then let’s take a look at the accessories that Bai Baihe, the king of aesthetics, will wear~


tina series

Let’s start with the accessories in the cover photo released at the beginning ~ a one-word chain diamond necklace. As soon as the photo was released, many people were guessing what brand the necklace was. Some said it was from Tiffany, and some said it was from TASAKI, but it was not. The necklace belongs to the Japanese brand AHKAH.

This necklace is the Tina series, designed with the theme of “beam”, with a line made of diamonds to describe the appearance of the light extending straight. The minimalist design complements the exquisite fashion of this necklace. Whether it’s casual or formal, it can be layered and layered, giving people an elegant impression inadvertently. There are 2 sizes of chain length, one is a 40cm short chain suitable for stacking, and the other is a 45cm long chain.

This necklace is also the one that Bai Baihe uses the most in the play. It’s super versatile! !

thiran series

The other necklace is the most classic style of AHKAH, and the cute little red heart necklace was well received as soon as it was launched. In addition to the small red heart, there is also a single cherry blossom petal shape that can be chosen~ It can be stacked with single diamond necklaces, letter necklaces, etc., to show a variety of styles with personalized mix and match.

This should be familiar to many people, and it can really be regarded as an Internet celebrity explosion! Many celebrities also wear them~ You can choose to buy according to your favorite style~

fil rouge series

“fil rouge” means red thread in French. The new earrings outline the heart shape with 18K yellow gold lines, expressing the beautiful meaning of eternity and infinity. The Akoya pearl embellishment above the earrings highlights the smoothness of the lines. Team it with earrings from the same collection or other earrings for a one-of-a-kind style.

There are two ways to wear this earring. Not only can you wear it like Bai Baihe in the play, but you can also wear pearl earrings alone~ Buy one and get two rhythms.

The same style is also paired with a necklace. The exquisite one-piece molding process creates a highly expressive heart-shaped lock, which means “eternity” and “infinity”. The design concept of the “fil rouge” series is inspired by the French “red rope”, focusing on the smoothness of the line in millimeters, adjusting the balance between the necklace shape and every detail, and carefully polishing the smooth and three-dimensional heart shape to interpret the beauty of the curve. The necklace symbolizes a “heart with good wishes and memories” and is also a great choice as a gift. This necklace comes in three styles: gold heart shape, half diamond heart shape and full diamond heart shape.

In the play, Bai Baihe is wearing the same earrings and tina series, which is the first necklace we introduced~

After reading so many styles, I don’t know if you have noticed. AHKAH’s necklaces are really very suitable for stacking. Although most of its styles are divided into small and large sizes, Azhu still recommends that everyone buy a small size. It looks good when worn alone~ With more options.

—— TASAKI ——

refined rebellion neo series

Last week, I introduced pearl jewelry to you, so I can’t help but take a look at the accessories with pearl elements. Then saw it! Super special! A check turned out to be TASAKI.

18K yellow gold wraps pearls in the form of soft rivets, reflecting two distinct wearing styles of elegance and rebellion. If you usually wear more casual style, this is very suitable for you~

balance note series

Another TASAKI family note earrings are inlaid with pearls of different sizes on the note-shaped balance bar made of 18K gold. The avant-garde and simple geometric design is suitable for various occasions and shines with unique and modern beauty.

This earring is like Yuan Quan, Qin Lan has worn it when she plays the role of a woman in the workplace~ So if women in the workplace come to see it, you should not miss it.

Sisters who want to buy personalized pearl jewelry must go to its house, maybe you can choose the style you like~

—— Hermina Athens ——

Next, I would like to tell you about the necklace that Bai Baihe uses the most in the whole drama, Hermina Athens, a brand from Greece, the “Goddess of Luck”. Combining the restored ancient Greek gold coins and pearls, each piece is absolutely unique.

Its gold ornaments are inspired by ancient Greek mythology. The Greek gods are carved on gold coins. Guardian, fearless, wisdom and bravery, from ancient coins to stars and crescent patterns, are all cultural symbols of ancient Greece.

The coins look almost like real ancient coins. They are both simple and gorgeous. The thin and irregular engravings can be clearly seen on the gold surface of each piece. At first glance, they are forged and forged by hand. Even the matching chains are not the same as others, some are very retro old-fashioned chains, and some are super fashionable pearl and colored gemstone chains, sparkling and beautiful no matter how you wear them.

Sisters who like ancient Greek style and coin elements can pay attention to her home! With this type of accessories, Ah Zhu’s suggestion is to wear a collarbone chain with a longer necklace. The color must be the same, and the clothes will look better with solid colors~

—— Alighieri ——

If it is one of the brands contracted by this show, Alighieri is definitely one of them. It is a hand-made brand in the United Kingdom, and each piece has its own unique style and heritage of the Renaissance. In the play, Bai Baihe not only wore a classic and easy-to-match gold coin necklace, but also stacked a pearl necklace.

The snow lion and guardian eye worn by Bai Baihe in the play are full of heroic spirit, and the snow lion on the silver coin shows female power.

Another Odyssey has an ancient temperament like a cliff and is especially suitable for stacking and matching.

The two pearl necklaces are the light of love and love in the wasteland, and they are also officially recommended collocations~

—— Mayol Jewelry ——

Another Greek niche brand. The colors of the brand are rich and lovely. The metal is matched with the clear colored handmade glass, which integrates a touch of Greek style, which is favored by many stars and ins bloggers. In the play, Bai Baihe wears a cherry ice cream pearl necklace. Freshwater pearls combined with handmade glass cherry pendants are very cute and cute, especially suitable for summer! Ah Zhu himself wants to rush this!

—— EERA ——

It should be said that the earrings that I saw at a glance were not the EERA that Bai Baihe wore in the first episode. The silver light green + diamonds are very eye-catching, but we searched, although the main Italian high-end jewelry, but after all, it has just entered the public eye. The new and emerging niche brand of the company, this price is also disturbing that the current niche accessories are so expensive? ! —— “Our Marriage” with the same accessories is revealed, and there are valuable friends who can show you the way~

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