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How to tactfully shop overseas, buying guide for Black Friday beauty and skincare websites

How to tactfully shop overseas, buying guide for Black Friday beauty and skincare websites

Double 11 has just come to an end, everyone is having fun If you don’t get what you want on Double 11 or your hands are not cool enough, watch out for a hurry, the “Black Friday” with discounts to the point of soft legs is coming soon! In line with the lofty goal of benefiting the majority of valued friends, we are going to plant grass in an all-round and large-scale area without dead ends. There is high energy ahead, so stay tuned!

First of all, regarding what is Black Friday, we have provided you with the past and present life of “Black Friday”. Newcomers to overseas shopping can refer to:

The double 11 of the past and present of the “Black Friday” of the Carnival of Things has set off a frenzy of buying hands for the whole people, but the journey of buying hands this year is far from over. The double 11 of the crooked nuts is the most frantic shopping day of the year in the West “Black Star”
How many taoyou and Xiaobian have been looking forward to this day for a year to take the opportunity to stock up and let me see your hands, of course, if they are still alive. The editor has collected some popular websites for overseas shopping for beauty and skin care products for the majority of Amoy friends, and attached last year’s “Black Friday Questions” and detailed purchase strategies for reference.

Friendly reminder: Although this year’s Black Friday is on November 27th, the Black Friday promotions will be preheated for a period of time every year. Some hot-selling products may be sold out before the arrival of Black Friday. In order to find them at a good price What you want, it is very important to come to Aunt Zhang to pay attention to the discounts in the near future, or you can subscribe to the emails of relevant shopping websites, and you will be notified in time if there are discounts. Referring to last year’s Black Friday discount, don’t hesitate to enter when you encounter a good price.

Comprehensive beauty site lookfantastic

The most representative shopping website of The Hut Group in the United Kingdom, mainly focusing on beauty, skin care and hair care products, many brands can be found here. Free direct mail to China for all stations over £40. The most intimate thing is that it supports Alipay, which is very suitable for novices of overseas shopping. EMS arrival is generally 7~20 days, which is quite fast.

Last year’s Black Friday: 25% discount without any threshold, the discount will decrease by 1% every hour, and you should start as soon as possible

Classic best-sellers: Tangle Teezer Hair Comb and Meimeida Angel Comb, KÉRASTASE, Benefit, Jurlique, Caudalie, FOREO Silicone Cleanser, Trilogy, First Aid, etc. are all lookfantastic bestsellers.

The editor has something to say: not only on Black Friday, but also with frequent events at other places. Sometimes it is quite cost-effective to buy 3 get 2 free or 25% off some products. Before the Double 11 promotion, there was a 30% discount. I wonder if interested friends have seized this opportunity. In fact, other websites under The Hut Group, such as HQHair, BeautyExpert, and Mankind, which is aimed at men, are also very friendly to overseas shopping. If you are interested, you can check them out. There are quite a lot of brands involved in lookfantastic, but I personally recommend that you try to buy British local brands in its home. Sometimes the prices of other national brands may not be suitable.

The official website direct mail China tutorial said that I have been paying attention to SMZDM for a long time, and I am always eager to try overseas shopping, but I have a lot of concerns. First of all, English is not good enough. Fortunately, there are SMZDM Haitao recommendations, which can save yourself time-consuming and laborious browsing on the website.


BEAUTY EXPERT is one of the most popular shopping websites for beauty products in the UK. The products sold on the website cover basic skin care, beauty products, shampoo and hair care products, etc. Friendly support for domestic dual currency cards, free direct mail to China over £30, and it can arrive in China within 10 to 20 days. In addition, Chinese IP address login supports Alipay or UnionPay payment, and the currency can be switched to Euro, but the price is slightly higher than that of GBP.

Last year’s Black Friday: 20% off with codes throughout the site

Classic best-selling list: Eve Lom, Elemis, kerastase, and CAUDALIE are the main brands of the website. The BEST SELLERS recently listed on the official website: (From left to right: 1 Juliet Rose three-piece gift box, 2 EVE LOM “The Icons” four-piece gift box, 3 Jurlique anti-aging triangle gift box, 4 EVE LOM “THE PERFECTORS” three-piece gift box, 5 EVE LOM classic four-piece gift box, 6 PAI SKINCARE perfect balance three-piece gift box)

The editor has something to say: BEAUTY EXPERT is a comprehensive beauty shopping website, which is more suitable for shopping for European brands, such as Caudlie, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Darphin, KÉRASTASE, OMOROICZA, etc. Of course, British and Australian brands, not to mention, often have discounts. The editor recommends Jurlique’s rose hand cream, flower spray, pai’s camellia cleanser, and rosehip oil, all of which are well-received items.


Like lookfantastic and beauty exper, they are affiliated with The Hut in the UK and sell skin care products, hairdressing products, shaving and beauty products, body care products, household products and electronic products online. The biggest difference between it and the first two websites is that it is a website suitable for men. Many valued friends on this site have posted orders. There are many types of skin care products for men, and there are fewer skin care products for women. Currently £40 free worldwide postage, EMS delivery, Alipay payment available.

Last year’s Black Friday: 25% off sitewide

Classic best-selling list: The best-selling items in mankind mainly include Mazorin eye cream essence, SUKIN ROSE HIP OIL rosehip oil, professional men’s skin care brand LAB SERIES, and Aēsop Aesop parsley seed essence.

The editor has something to say: In addition to men’s skin care products, mankind also has a complete range of cosmeceutical brands such as Aēsop, Perricone MD, etc. for girls. In addition, daily necessities such as clothing accessories and electronic products are also involved, and there are even special Men’s wear section. Here, men and women’s skin care products can be collected in one go, making it easy to collect orders.

Hands-on Shopping Tutorial Several British websites that support direct mailing in China have gained a place in the overseas online shopping circle with this advantage. In view of the high domestic prices of some well-known brands of beauty products and the lack of domestic beauty products, overseas online shopping beauty cosmetics

A large-scale beauty website in the United Kingdom. The website covers hundreds of brands and a total of 15,500 kinds of products. Most common European and American brands can be found on it. Lancome Lancome, CLARINS Clarins and other official websites are not very friendly to overseas shopping. Cosmetics brands also can be purchased. It is friendly to the national card, and you can also use Alipay to pay, and you can get free direct mail to China over £40, and a Chinese page has also been opened.

Last year’s Black Friday: 15% off all codes

Classic best-selling list: niche British spa care brand Elemis, Greek niche organic care brand Korres, aromatherapy care specialist DECLÉOR, and relatively popular Jurlique, CAUDALIE, L’Occitane, etc.

The editor has something to say: feelunique is a large-scale beauty and skin care website in Europe. In addition to some common European and American brands, it also includes many brands from traditional professional salon care, such as Elemis, DECLÉOR, etc., which are relatively small. However, many beauty bloggers have recommendations and good reputation. If necessary, you can do your homework first.

Beauty.com US official website

The beauty and skin care website owned by Drugstore, a large online pharmacy in the United States, is a sister website with Drugstore and can use the same shopping cart, which is quite commendable. Promotional activities of special sales events for relatives and friends are often launched, and users who may need to subscribe to emails can use it. In addition to supporting paypal payment, it is also friendly to national cards. In addition, generally every time you place an order, a 5% Rebate (discount) will automatically appear in your Beauty.com account for the next quarter.

Last year’s Black Friday: 20% off some well-known beauty and skin care brands, and you can get a free 18-piece gift pack worth $170 + a $10 gift card with any order over $150.

Classic best-selling list: Basic common European and American skin care products can be found on it, such as Origins, Eve Lom, AHAVA, Anna Sui, Elemis, First Aid Beauty, L’OCCITANE, etc. In addition, American professional makeup NARS and high-end health care brand Perricone MD Perricone is also a best-selling brand.

Seeing this, some friends may ask, why haven’t I seen such word-of-mouth kings as Kiehl’s, Fresh, Lancome and SK-II? Rest assured, I am as witty as the editor, how can I miss these beloved brands. If you can buy directly on the official website, of course it is more appropriate, but these official websites are really not friendly to overseas shopping. Not to mention cutting orders at every turn, people like Kiehl’s who are mad, occasionally even Meikamei’s private topic: How to tactfully shop overseas, Buying Guide for Black Friday Beauty and Skincare Websites.

But as the saying goes, there are policies above and countermeasures below. Don’t sell me here, I can buy it myself. In addition to the official website of the brand, there are also official websites of some luxury department stores waiting for you. There are not only Kiehl’s, fresh, Lancome and other brands that are not easy to buy on the official website, but also SK-II, CPB, Dior, lamer, La Prairie A top-grade skin care brand, it is a good choice to buy light luxury products.

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