Home Selection Natural bamboo mattress fitted sheet mattresses break the functional defects of traditional spring mattresses

Natural bamboo mattress fitted sheet mattresses break the functional defects of traditional spring mattresses

Natural bamboo mattress fitted sheet mattresses break the functional defects of traditional spring mattresses

Natural bamboo mattress fitted sheet mattresses break the functional defects of traditional spring mattresses, palm mattresses and other products in terms of environmental protection, antibacterial, moisture removal and ventilation.” (mites, moisture, fungi, heavy metals) problems. According to the national authoritative inspection and international SGS certification, the bamboo fiber mattress (core) has the functions of antibacterial and deodorization, self-cleaning of mites, and anti-ultraviolet rays.


Modern medicine believes that the antioxidant compounds in bamboo elements can effectively remove free radicals and lipid peroxygen compounds in the body, and can block the strong carcinogen N-ammonium nitrite compounds, which can protect the skin, resist fatigue, anti-aging, etc. biological efficacy. It can be seen that the bamboo fiber bamboo mattress fitted sheet is a good partner for people’s healthy sleep.

bamboo mattress fitted sheet
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–Coming soon, natural bamboo fiber composite board


In recent years, due to the urgency of forest resource protection and mineral resource control, my country will gradually control and reduce the application of materials with wood and metal as the main materials. In the next three years, the use of wooden building templates will be gradually or even completely banned.


Due to the reduction of raw material resources, the industries that used a lot of wood-based Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet, building formwork, decoration boards and other industries will have to face the situation of reduced raw material supply and price increases, and will also face the continuous emergence of new materials. market competition.


Therefore, green composite materials represented by natural bamboo fiber composite panels will surely lead an epoch-making revolution in inorganic non-metallic materials, especially in the field of building materials. As the main material of Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet, such as: building partitions, light prefabricated buildings, internal and external walls, embedded panel formwork, highway sound insulation walls, highway tunnel fireproof panels.

Cooling bamboo mattress fitted sheet
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Natural cotton terry mattress protector composite board is through the structural design, performance design and structural design of the composite board, and after a combination of bionic lamination composite technology, the composite board not only retains the main physical and chemical properties of natural bamboo fiber, but also can pass The composite effect obtains the physical and chemical properties that the original component materials do not have, so as to obtain a new type of biological material that complements each other according to the required material characterization properties and the physical and mechanical properties of different material structures, and the comprehensive properties of the materials can meet various needs.


Material composite sheet.

Natural bamboo cotton terry mattress protector is widely used in the textile field, and the products that have been successfully developed are:


Home Textiles


(1) Towel products. Because natural bamboo premium fiber mattress fitted sheet has better hygroscopic ability than cotton, the hygroscopicity and air permeability of towel quilt products are more excellent, and its unique antibacterial health care function makes natural bamboo fiber towel quilt products favored by consumers.


(2) Bedding products. Using natural bamboo premium fiber mattress fitted sheet and cotton blended yarn as the main raw materials to produce bedding fabrics, making bed sheets, quilt covers, bedspreads, pillowcases and other bedding. The product has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption and ventilation, good luster, smooth and wear-resistant, luxurious and elegant, natural health care, and excellent performance.


(3) Carpet products. The manufacture of carpets is the same as that of general fabrics, and can be processed into printed carpets after printing. The product is thick, antibacterial, breathable, warm and durable.


In addition, natural bamboo fiber can also be processed into wallpapers, sofas, shopping bags and storage boxes.

Green ecological environment, safe and comfortable quality of life, has become a fashionable and healthy way of life for today’s people. According to the research of “Bamboo Fiber Industry Network”, the natural bamboo fiber extracted from the natural growth of the earth has adapted to this emerging trend and has established a new wind vane in the waterproof mattress protector industrial field and human life.


Natural bamboo fiber (bamboo fibril) is a new environmentally friendly fiber material. The natural fiber directly separated from bamboo is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, silk and wool.


Natural bamboo fiber waterproof mattress protector is an environmentally friendly new material with excellent performance. It has unique properties such as high strength, high modulus, light weight, moisture absorption and ventilation, sound insulation and heat insulation, antibacterial and deodorization, UV resistance, and radiation protection. Its elastic modulus is similar to that of glass. The fiber is equivalent, the tensile strength is 2~3 times that of steel wire, the weight is only about 1/10 of that of steel wire, the air permeability is 3.5 times stronger than that of cotton fiber, the UV resistance is 41.7 times that of cotton fiber, and the deodorization rate is 93~95%, the antibacterial rate is above 99%.


Natural bamboo fiber not only surpasses chemical materials such as glass fiber and viscose fiber in performance, but also has the characteristics of green environmental protection, renewable raw materials, low pollution and low energy consumption Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasement, and natural degradation after use. Textile industries such as weaving and non-woven fabrics, and composite material production fields such as vehicles, building boards, household items, and hygiene and environmental protection.


For the textile industry, green environmental protection has become the task of the times, and the realization of green environmental protection is inseparable from the participation of fiber raw materials. Behind the market-oriented fiber material is its almost strict standard for “material source”, and natural bamboo fiber has become the focus of attention of the textile industry. Natural bamboo fiber Zippered bed bug Mattress Encasement has also become a key raw material for the development of new components in the composite materials industry due to its environmental protection properties such as renewable and natural degradation, as well as its excellent properties of light weight, high strength and high modulus.


–Currently hot selling, natural bamboo fiber mattress


With the increasing awareness of consumers on the environment and self-health protection, the green, healthy, safe and environmental protection of home textile products has become the latest pursuit of consumers. Natural bamboo fiber bed bug proof mattress cover with zero formaldehyde and excellent comfort Is becoming the new darling of the home textile market.


Mattresses are generally required to have good hygroscopicity, air permeability and good skin touch due to frequent contact with the human body. Studies have shown that these products will often breed mites even if they are frequently cleaned, so if this natural fiber also has antibacterial properties. Health care function can effectively solve this problem. Bamboo fiber mattresses use natural bamboo fibers bed bug proof mattress cover as green natural raw materials, which are not only stable and reliable in performance, but also recyclable and degradable, bringing consumers a high-quality sleep experience.


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